Sunday, September 13, 2009

Art in the City

The rain didn't keep the crowds away from Artwalk in downtown Birmingham Friday night and it's always a fun event. People love to come downtown if you just give them a reason. I didn't set up this year but JD did and I was there and free to walk around and see all the artwork for a change. The thing about doing shows is you never get to see anything else, except in a just passing by kind of way. It's so nice to be able to visit with the other artists. I have to mention my friend and fellow artistGina Cochran; she's started a blog - art and autism - about her son, and if you or someone you know is facing that problem I'd highly recommend it. She's an excellent writer.

Next Sunday I have a show at Deerwood Lake in Shelby County, then we're going to North Carolina for a few days, then we have three shows in a row; Bluff Park in Birmingham, Mecca in Carrollton, Georgia, and finally Kentuck in Northport. With all that's been going on this year I am seriously short on work so I'm going to be very very busy. Times like this I tend to panic and develop serious creative blockage. It doesn't help that is raining and dark all the time either. Light, I need light.

Back to the easel.


countrypeapie said...

I wish you light!

gina cochran said...

Patsy, friend, you are such a treat to know. I just spent some time on your other blog too -looking at your work, it is all just...beautiful. I hope you have a great show this weekend! and I'm looking forward to seeing you at Mecca!

Patsy said...

Thanks for the good wishes CPP, we did get some light this week. Not all day long but enough.

Gina,thanks so much. See you soon!

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