About Me

I am an empty nester with three grown children, four grandchildren, and three, yes three, great grandchildren. Ever since I was a child I have loved drawing and painting, old houses, collecting junk, and making things.

I started showing my paintings a few years ago and until last year I did a circuit of outdoor art shows every year. Now I am just selling out of a gallery and taking commissions. My fascination with houses shows in my art, I paint mostly houses and street scenes.

For twenty years I was involved in the antique business; I still have a huge collection of vintage.....stuff which I recently starting selling on Etsy. I loved my stuff all these years but lately I started to feel suffocated by all the things I had. No matter how much space I had it seemed to fill up on it's own. I'm ready for a simpler, less cluttered life.

I started this blog to write about renovating our wonderful old rock building but progress was slow so I started writing about other things. I'm not sure where it's going now, a little bit of all the things I love, I guess.

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