Sunday, January 31, 2010

Out of the Fog

It was a beautiful day at the park Saturday. Really beautiful. It was cold and dreary out but we decided to go by Pallisades Park. When we got to the top of the mountain it was shrouded in fog, thick fog, and we were the only ones there. Went for a long walk on a trail through the woods which went on and on. I had no idea the park was that big. Such a nice surprise. Just when you think you know think you don't want to get out because the weather's so cold and it's overcast and then you do and in many ways it was nicer than a sunny day. Good day.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Woman With a Red Dress on

I've been having some back trouble lately and I finally allowed myself the luxury of lying down in the afternoon about an hour before time to start dinner with a heating pad , a cup of tea, and Netflix . Through the magic of Netflix instant I discovered The Tudors. This series was on showtime starting in 2007, and continuing in 2010. Not having cable TV I had never heard of it. I do love a historical drama and I have watched many many but I have never seen such lavish sets and costuming. Oh the costumes! The jewels! The Castle! See the red dress in the picture? I literally gasped aloud when she came out in this dress. There was also a cream one dripping with pearls that she wore to her coronation (this is Ann Boleyn by the way) that was gasp worthy. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a series quite so much. At least seasons one and two; I'm not enjoying season three as much; too much politics and fighting, not enough dresses.

Oh yeah, there's a lot of sex and nudity too.

My back is all better, thanks.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Castle for Barbie

Ok, so it's been a long long time since I've been here. First I was insanely busy getting ready for art shows, then I was depressed because the shows weren't good; then I was busy for the holidays, then I was depressed because....well because it's the holidays. So I'm gonna try to do better in the new year. Thanks to all the people (2) who wrote to ask what in the world was wrong with me.

So here's what I was busy with for the holidays.

Finished - 2 days before Christmas

In Progress

My daughter and I built this for our granddaughter/great granddaughter Emily, who is four and obsessed with Barbies and princesses. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. I love a project you can really obsess about. I think obsessiveness runs in the family. JD didn't have any projects going on so we were able to use his shop and small pieces of left over wood and moulding for all the trim.

Here's Belle about to go in the front door.

Here's ...I forget who this the entrance hall.

Yes, that is purple cut velvet on the walls. It's a Castle. My daughter made the parquet floor in the entrance from 2" pieces of mahogany scraps. The parquet floor in the living room came from an old headboard.

And finally, here's Belle in one of the bedrooms.

It looks small for a bedroom in a castle, but Barbie is a big girl and we made the house as big as possible and still fit in the house and that's as big as the room could be. Actually it didn't quite fit in the house. It went through the front door but we had to take the bedroom door off and cut off a piece of the stop molding to get it in the room it was being hidden in until Christmas. It's about the size of a piano. We may have overdone it. The top is waist high. I said when she's older she can use it as a bar, or a kitchen island.

Here's a couple of pictures I was gonna use but I never got around to writing a post.

Elk in the Smoky Mountains, Cataloochee Valley.

It was mating season (October) and they were everywhere. Magnificent animals. I had a lot more to say about our camping trip but it's too late now.

Tiny House in Mooresville, Alabama.

We had been up to Amish country in Tennessee and stopped by Mooresville on the way back. I don't have any pictures from Amish country because they don't want you to take their picture. Did you know there's a big Amish community in Eldridge Tennessee? I didn't until my sister told me about it a few months ago.

That brings me up to date. There must have been more stuff going on than that but that's all I can remember. Here's to the New Year and more stuff.
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