Friday, July 24, 2009

Emogene O'Mary 1926 - 2009

Mama was a strong willed woman. Jesus came to take her back in April when she was in the hospital but she said no. Really. That Friday when I saw her in the emergency room she looked like death. Later she would say that she saw Jesus, and she saw Jamie (her favorite who died three years ago) but she didn't want to go. But last week she said that she wanted to see Jesus, and Jamie, and go fishing, and early Monday morning she passed away quietly in her sleep.

It was an infection that sent her to the emergency room in April; that infection brought on terrible and complete dementia that took away her mind and cut her off from reality forever. They cured the infection but her mind was completely gone. They sent her home where hospice and family cared for her until the end. She talked nonstop 24 hours a day to people who weren't there. She ate well. She didn't suffer.

I can't believe she's gone.


j said...

Rest In Peace Mrs. O'Mary

Rurality said...

Oh, so sorry for your loss, but glad to hear that she didn't suffer. Warmest thoughts to you and your family.

Patsy said...

Thank you j and Rurality. She is at peace now.

edifice rex said...

Oh, I'm very sorry about your mom.

I don't think I have found your blog before; if I had I know I would have kept reading. Your husband's photos are stunning! Haven't followed the link to your work yet.
Hope you are able to continue dinner with us!

Patsy said...

Thank you edifice. I enjoyed meeting all of you at dinner and I would love to continue and get to know you.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Just so sorry.

May precious memories be a source of strength for you in the days ahead.

Murphy said...

Sorry about your mom . . . I lost mine years ago but I remember how hard it was.

We missed you Thursday night. Hope I'll see you next week. Love your paintings!

-- Sharon

Karen McQ. said...

I'm so sorry for your loss and also sorry I didn't read this until just now. Hugs from Wisconsin.

Patsy said...

Dee, Murphy, Karen, so kind of you. Thanks so much.

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