Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stalking the Elusive Felis Domesticas

I was going to title this BFF but I couldn't get a picture of Buz and Todd together-they're so cute when they curl up together and lick each other's neck- but Buz is afraid of the camera and runs whenever I get it out while Todd won't keep his face out of the lens. I guess you can tell they're brothers. Does anyone recognize who they're named after? Route 66? Buz and Todd hit the road in a red corvette? My favorite TV show when I was twelve. I'm not sure how you knew it was a red corvette since the show was in black and white, but you knew. It was the definition of cool in 1963.

Buz (the one on the sidewalk - I had to shoot his picture from 30 feet away)is the sweet one and he loves JD. I mean loves him. He always comes running to meet him when he comes home. And I'm the one that feeds them. So the other day JD was waving something around for Todd to chase and he did that thing cats do - play play play then ball up on your hand and bite hard enough to draw blood, and Buz was watching and ran over and knocked the crap out of Todd for biting. Attack cat.

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