Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I've Been Busy

As usual I've waited 'till the last minute so I am working as fast as I can to get ready for shows this fall. I've been matting and framing up a storm. Can you tell? I am knee deep in mat board right now. And now I can't find anything.

Friday and Saturday we both had a show downtown so that's one out of the way. You wouldn't believe what we have to load up to do a show, especially since there's two of us. I mean there's all these heavy display screens that have to be put together when you get there,and folding tables, and boxes and boxes of prints and paintings. When it's outside there's two tents. JD always says he feels like a carny worker; all that's missing is the tilt-a-whirl.

This show was downtown in what they call the loft district because anything that doesn't move has been turned into a loft. I love it. I would so live here if I could afford it. Preferably next to a grocery store. It's been my dream for years to live on the same block as a grocery store. What is wrong with me that I need to go to the grocery store every single day? And the grocery store that used to be two miles away burned down last week so now it's a six mile trip to the nearest store where they do not have anything whole wheat, or decent lettuce. Ever. I think they get it in pre-wilted.

I'm in a bad mood and ranting about the lettuce because I have to drive 20 miles tomorrow to the nearest real grocery store, by which I mean Walmart,and who goes to Walmart and doesn't spend 3 hours so that's most of my day, which means I get nothing done in the studio but hey, we have to eat. Wheat bread and lettuce mostly.

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