Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Woman With Excess Baggage

Inspired by a post at Beatrice Banks last week about finding vintage suitcases, I wanted to show my collection. This is about half of them. I could never resist buying one if the price was right. I once bought one at an estate sale for a couple of dollars and hidden in the side pocket were two sterling silver evening/compact bags from the twenties. Suitcases make such good storage, easy to move around, and have been stacked as a side table, used to fill the empty space under a long sofa table, and used as part of an arrangement on top of an armoire. But this post isn't about decorating with suitcases, I wanted to show you what's in them.
The little one on top is full of lace, lace and more lace. Handmade lace, crochet lace, lace collars, lace cuffs, old cluny lace, vintage Valenciennes lace,; pieces yards long and pieces only a few inches. All of it old, pieces I collected over the years because I thought I might use it (I used to sew for my girls)or just because it was beautiful and I enjoyed looking at all the different patterns.
The next one is storing some vintage things I've already put on Etsy.
Then I have three that are full of crochet and embroidered doilies and table runners, vintage fabric and evidently at some time in the past I bought a box of embroidered hankies and there's tea towels and pillowcases and oh yes, here's a crocheted bedspread I forgot I had.
I had plans for things I would do with this stuff but I have more projects than one person could complete in a lifetime.
I'm going to be putting all this for sale in my Etsy store.
Because there's so much I'm going to make groups of several pieces. I'm going to start with the lace. I should have some of it listed by this weekend so check my Etsy store, Red Lilly Vintage for some super buys.

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My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

I am loving all your treasures and your delightful blog. I am your newest follower. Hope you stop by my place and say hello.


uruguay white life said...

Thank you so much for following! I'm totally fascinated by the many laces - wonderful!

Take care

very merry vintage style said...

the laces and treasures are pretty but I love your suitcase collection! Thanks for linking up to my Share the Love party!

Shirley said...

Oh My Goodness..I'm so happy you linked up over at Mary's Share the Love Wednesday because I found you...I love your blog..and was lookin gback at a few older post..That dresser that you made over..WOW!!!! it turned out so awesome..hope you stop by for a visit..I'm following you have a great style...


I know what to do with all of that lace...send it to me! :-)

Visiting from WW!


Pam said...

Wow, I am loving your suitcases. I only have one right now, but I love them for storage of things. I have craft papers in mine right now, but am hoping to pick up some more!

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

You have some beautiful collections especially the suitcases. I collect them also and store out of season items in them. I love the look they give to a room. ~~Sherry~~

LV said...

You have several nice vintage collections. The bags are great and make for nice storage space. I love all linens, so that really caught my eye.

Ruby said...

I have some suitcases but yours are prettier. Love the laces. Will earmark you Etsy!

Rosie said...

What beautiful lace and linens.

Robin said...

I love your blog!! I just found it from the Better/After Blog and I saw the car tag on the white van was from Alabama with an "8"and I said, Hey, that's Blount County, so it led me here!!!
I LOVE Your Rock house and wondered who had bought that. I've always admired it.
I live in Kimberly, just down the road..............nice to "meet" you.


Patsy said...

Thank you all for visiting and for your nice comments. Patsy

Rose Garden Romantic said...

So pretty!!! Some of my favorite things! Gorgeous old lace, vintage embroidered linens and old suitcases!

Shabby Soul said...

I love old suitcases, too! I also have a "thing" for old picnic baskets. It pains me to pass them up!

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