Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let There Be Light!

I'm so excited. We finally got an actual electrician to come out to give us a price on adding some of that new-fangled e-lectricity upstairs! Not only did he come out, he showed up 10 minutes early! He said he would call back tonight with a price AND HE JUST DID! He could be the one!

About our electrical situation-here's what we have upstairs now: 4 outlets, all on the same circuit, and 4 overhead lights including the one in the bathroom, all controlled by one wall switch which is by the back door. That's it. We don't have any outlets in the living room which means if we entertain it's strictly by candlelight which has actually worked out pretty well so that's not all that bad. The refrigerator is downstairs which means I have a work triangle of approximately 74 feet. You know, you move in an old building and you just kinda get used to it's little quirks and hardly notice them anymore until, say, a guest asks where the bathroom light switch is and you reply it's down the hall by the back door.

We bought this place on an "as is" basis and didn't realize there was no electricity in the living room, which is about half the upstairs. There were plugs, turned out they been disconnected or something. They are in the ceiling so maybe that didn't work out as well as whoever put them in thought it would. I'm not sure how you would keep a plug in the socket - duct tape?

About the picture- I love these old kitschy plaster lamps and just thought I'd throw this picture in.


countrypeapie said...

Oh my gosh -- we have way too much in common with regard to our housing conditions! The kids didn't have electricity in their room until a couple of weeks ago (actually, they still don't have it, but we finally ran an extension cord and got a lamp!). Once they could see how messy their room was, they actually cleaned it up voluntarily! We had some visitors this past weekend and the kids kept saying, "We have a LIGHT in our room!"

Patsy said...

And I thought we had cornered the market in extension cords ;)

The Country Experience said...

Ah, the thrill of the modern amenity. :)

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