Sunday, May 17, 2009


Where do I begin? It's been a rough couple of months. We're OK but close family members are not. Between trying to work a temporary job I took and driving back and forth to the hospital in Birmingham, I haven't felt like writing. In fact I practically lived in my van for a couple of weeks coming home only to sleep and change clothes. I don't want to go into everything right now but I may in the future so my entries may be kind of morose for a while. I really would like to get back to normal and write about the weather (it's raining) and what's growing in the yard and how the decorating the house is coming along.
I've missed my blogger friends and I hope I can re-connect and feel good again.

JD's beloved mother, Eleanor, passed away May 3rd, 2009, at the age of 93. She was a wonderful lady and will be sorely missed.
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